Eternal Walk Ministry to Launch New Online Video Ministry

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We’re thrilled to announce that our plans for 2019 are now underway as we aim to launch our new online video ministry the first week in March!  

Eternal Walk Ministry to Launch New Online Video Ministry

What’s the Status?

We are commencing the first step in our plans to launch video recordings of sermons online in March!

Videos will be released each week at 1 AM on Sunday. We will also send out email notices to our subscribers as new sermons become available online.

Our hope is to record sermons from a variety of Christian ministers, pastors, and leaders in the Frederick, Maryland community (and beyond) as the year progresses.

We will also be implementing a weekly video series from a Bible study made up of at least 3 participants. We’re currently coordinating with our volunteers to assure attendance.

In addition to our weekly Bible study series, we’re hoping to record the following events once we receive approval:

This plan is part of our 2019 initiative to make God’s message of hope more accessible for online users. Pending the response we receive and our ability to manage the logistics, we hope to eventually raise funds to invest in professional camera equipment to improve and evolve this ministry overtime. Each step in our plan will be given four months to test and refine our approach.

Want to Join the Action?

Whether you’re looking to subscribe to our online weekly video series, share ideas for potential recording opportunities, or volunteer with Eternal Walk Ministry, we’d love nothing more than to help you get involved. Contact us today to learn more!