About Eternal Walk

Mission Statement:

Bringing God’s love and truth to help people on their eternal walk to heaven.

Purpose of Ministry

This ministry was started in August 2017 with two goals in mind: reaching the world through our website’s Christ-centered Daily Messages, and ministering to people in our local area.

Global Outreach

From Monday through Saturday each week, the Daily Message can be received by email or viewed on our website. Each Message is archived for later access, and is also available in audio format.

Local Outreach

This ministry seeks to go out from the church and into the lives of people. Beyond our online presence, we also reach out to the local homeless shelter, addiction recovery center, county prison, and to other seeking individuals. We supply Bibles, teach classes, provide transportation, and help people with their basic needs. Activities of this ministry can be viewed on the monthly updated Blog page of this Website.

This ministry encourages Christians in our congregation to engage in ministry, not only within the church, but also beyond the church, to a world loved by God. Sharing our Daily Messages is one simple way for your members to spread the Good News of Christ to people across the world.

This ministry has already proven to be a useful tool in that endeavor. We hope you find the Eternal Walk Ministry helpful and the Daily Messages inspiring. Also, we’re always thankful for Daily Messages written by other Christians. If anyone desires to write a Daily Message, please have them submit it to ministry@eternalwalk.com.


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