How to Meditate on Scripture to Elevate Your Relationship with God

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How to Meditate on Scripture to Elevate Your Relationship with God

As Christ-followers, we are called to have an ongoing relationship with God. Often times, we view prayer as the primary requirement for maintaining this relationship. We pray to God, give thanks, and make requests of Him. In essence, we do all of the talking and God listens.

However, a relationship is a two-way street. God wants to speak to us, too. God reveals bits and pieces about His character and His plan for us in the bigger picture when we meditate on stories told in Scripture. However, we must be intentional about preparing our hearts and minds to hear what God has to say to us, which happens through meditation. By doing so, we will elevate our relationship with God.

Bottom line: A relationship with God is founded on both prayer and meditation.

How Do I Meditate on Scripture?

Meditation does not mean to simply be still and do nothing. Meditation is an active practice that requires focus, purpose, and direction to fully understand what it is that God is trying to reveal to you through Scripture.

Here are a few tips to help guide your spiritual meditation in Scripture:

  • Slow Down. Don’t read too fast. God often reveals big ideas in subtle ways.
  • Focus. Zoom in on words that catch your attention. Emphasize their importance.
  • Memorize. Learn a verse by heart to see how God uses it throughout the day.
  • Ask Questions. What lesson or principle can be drawn from each verse or chapter?
  • Pause. Take some time before moving on to the next verse to let the message sink in.
  • Reflect. Remember times when God came through for you and others.
  • Apply. Find ways you can apply the message to your own life.
  • Pray. Seek to understand God’s message in new ways throughout the day.

How Can I Prioritize Spiritual Meditation?

In today’s busy world, it can sometimes be hard to meditate on God’s word and keep it as a priority.

One way you can prioritize spiritual meditation in your busy schedule is by establishing a morning routine. This entails waking up BEFORE you have to. Start your day with small, peaceful moments before emails come flooding in and before the kids wake up, etc. Just as we tithe with money, give God the first part of your day – aka the “firstfruits” – so He can guide the rest of your day. By grounding yourself in Scripture each morning, you have the rest of the day to live out what God taught you and learn something from His teachings.

If you’re really not a morning person, try an evening routine. Turn off your phone and TV an hour before bed. Remove all distractions and spend some time alone digging into the Word of God. Meditate on a verse or two each night. Reflect on your day and how you experienced God’s presence.  

How Can I Use Eternal Walk Ministry’s Online Message Library to Meditate on God’s Word?

Did you know Eternal Walk Ministry has it’s very own online message library? Every week, we provide a daily message, Monday through Saturday, to encourage and grow believers in their daily walk with Jesus Christ. Our messages are rooted in biblical, Christ-centered themes, which can be applied to modern realities for spiritual growth.

You can use our new messages every day as a tool to help guide your daily meditation. Our messages consist of both written and audio content, so you can leisurely read at your convenience or listen on the go.

You also have the option to receive the daily message by subscribing to our email service or you can visit our website anytime. And, in case you ever need to reference a topic you’ve read in the past, older messages are always archived for future access.

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