Frederick Maryland Community Members Attend Bible Classes Led by Eternal Walk Ministry

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Eternal Walk Ministry actively searches the community in Frederick, Maryland for opportunities to teach Bible classes to those who are struggling with daily challenges. Our aim is to bring the Word of God to individuals throughout the week, encourage them, and help others grow in their spiritual walk.

What We Do

The members of Eternal Walk Ministry not only teach Bible classes, but we also extend a helping hand to meet the physical needs of residents. This allows us to build relationships with community members and connect with them on a much deeper level. By serving residents and fulfilling their needs first, they are much more open to hearing what scripture has to say through our good works. Just as Mark 10:45 teaches us:

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45

As part of our ministry, we help serves others by:

  • Offering food and snacks to the homeless shelter
  • Providing large-print Bibles for the elderly
  • Sending Bibles to the prison through the Chaplain.
  • Taking the men from the Frederick Rescue Mission out to lunch or to a baseball game


Where We Teach

We have led Bible classes in a variety of locations outside a church building, including:

  • Private Homes  
  • Nursing Homes
  • Senior Centers
  • Prison
  • Rescue Missions

Currently, Eternal Walk Ministry is teaching Bible classes in all the above locations and continues to search for more opportunities within and around Frederick, Maryland.

Overcoming Challenges

It takes a whole team of Eternal Walk Ministry members to seek out and book opportunities to teach Bible classes. We are always in need of volunteers who have the availability to take time out of their busy day to plan, teach, and engage residents in Bible lessons that resonate with and educate people who don’t go to church for whatever reason.

It can be a challenge to coordinate schedules, secure opportunities, and recruit enough volunteers to make this all happen. Fortunately, if a unique opportunity arises and we are short-handed, we often recruit volunteers from our church to help teach these Bible classes. So far, this has been a successful endeavor and results in even more members joining the Eternal Walk Ministry.

Read on to learn more about our different Bible Classes held in the community.

Bible Studies in Private Homes

Bible Studies in Private Homes

Eternal Walk Ministry teaches weekly Bible classes in private residences throughout Frederick, Maryland. Typically, we have two or more Eternal Walk Ministry members present when teaching classes in private homes, in order to ensure safety and support the comfort levels of residents who may be nervous or hesitant about strangers in their home.

We also become friends with the people we teach. For example, we had the pleasure of helping this couple (see the picture above) move and install a storm door in their new home. By serving their needs, we were able to connect with them first and then introduce Bible lessons on God.

People who welcome Eternal Walk Ministry into their homes become our good friends as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are honored to have the unique opportunity to engage these residents in friendly conversation and teach them about Jesus Christ. We’ve only had positive experiences with this ministry and we are excited to see it continue to grow!

Bible Studies in Nursing Homes

Bible Studies in Nursing Homes

Eternal Walk Ministry also teaches weekly Bible classes at nursing homes to encourage and lift up residents who are nearing end-of-life. We always have two or more teachers present because scripture teaches:

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

It’s always a pleasure to teach at nursing homes because we can see the reflection of God’s love, kindness, and wisdom in the seniors who attend.

The scriptures we teach at nursing homes cover a variety of principles, including:

  • God has a never-ending love for us.
  • We are never alone – God is always with us.
  • Our home is in heaven with God.
  • Our free gift of salvation has already been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. We don’t have to earn it; we simply need to accept it.

We also read scriptures to learn about how to:

  • Praise God
  • Worship God
  • Thank God
  • Participate in Communion

This helps residents experience a relationship with God everyday to harvest peace and find hope in knowing what the future holds.

Bible Studies in Senior Centers

Bible Studies in Senior Centers
In addition, Eternal Walk Ministry teaches weekly Bible class in the lobby of a senior apartment complex. This class is filled with some very powerful Christians who love to learn! One resident of this class is also a member of the Eternal Walk Ministry team and started the class.

We are able to explore and discuss scripture much more in depth with this group. As part of our ministry, we aim to hear everyone’s testimony in the class to learn where they there are in their spiritual walk with Christ. This allows us to tailor our Bible lessons to their needs.

Bible Studies at the Frederick Rescue Mission

Bible Studies at the Frederick Rescue Mission
Twice per week, Eternal Walk Ministry also teaches a Bible class at the Frederick Rescue Mission. This is a year-long program, where residents attend Bible class four days per week, in addition to other classes throughout the week.

The diversity of this class is vast. Some men are very knowledgeable of the Bible and others know very little. Teaching this class is particularly challenging because it requires wisdom and guidance by Spirit to bring God’s Word in such a manner where everyone can gain and resonate with the context. Our duty is to encourage these men in their walk with Christ without compromising the truth, which can also be a challenge when teaching those who have never encountered scripture before.

Volunteer with Eternal Walk Ministry

As you can see, we are quite busy and could always use an extra hand in our various ministries, including teaching bible classes to community members in Frederick, Maryland. If you have a servant’s heart and the availability, we would love for you to join us!