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Reflect the Spirit

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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Galatians 5:22-23

When we live reflecting the fruit of the Spirit, we will be reflecting Christ.  The fruit of the Spirit should define the heart of a Christian, which will be revealed by their words and actions.

Love – The Lord fills our hearts with agape love which is the foundation of the Christian life. With hearts filled with love, all the other fruit becomes natural and desirable to us. However, to get our hearts filled with God’s love, we have to live with hearts of love and tell others about Christ. Love takes the focus of self and places it on God and others, which we show others by the fruit.

Joy – Christians are filled with joy because they know Heaven is their home. Joy from God never goes away, we just have to endure this world until God calls us home.

Peace – The peace that transcends understanding only comes from God, and continually feeds are soul. It is great to feel peace as we go through our days. And after telling someone about Christ the peace gets even stronger.

Patience – This is great gift from God because patience is a great blessing and keeps us relaxed. Patience helps us to be still inside no matter what happening in the world. Christians should go through life relaxed with peace and patience. We are patience with people, when driving, with God, and when we have to wait.

Kindness – Christians should show kindness to everyone, no matter how they respond to us. It takes two to argue and if we show kindness, there is no argument.

Goodness – Scripture tells us to overcome evil by doing good. We seek to do good by helping others.

Faithfulness – Christians should do there best to be dependable. When a Christian makes a promise, they do their best to keep that promise. How can people trust us if they cannot depend on us?

Gentleness – Christians should be gentle with their words, but we never compromise God’s truth. Gentleness shows that people cannot take control of our emotions, because our emotions are controlled by Christ.

Self-Control – this is a very important fruit of the Spirit, because a Christian should show they are controlled by Christ, and not by the world. It shows we are closer to Christ than we are to the world.

Today seek to reflect the fruit of the Spirit in everything you do. You will find the day more fulfilling and more relaxed.

Prayer:  Lord help to reflect the fruit of the Spirit to everyone today and in every situation. In Jesus name, Amen