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Pressing Toward the Goal

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I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 3:14

This verse describes the attitude and life of a true Christian. Their focus is on serving the Lord, pointing souls to Christ, and living for eternal life. The Christian’s life is not about obtaining worldly possessions but it is about obtaining spiritual blessings. It’s only spiritual blessings that satisfy the soul; worldly possessions do nothing more than temporarily satisfy the flesh. The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing (John 6:63).

If we are to be filled with Spiritual blessings then we must focus on the goal God has for us, and we reach that goal by serving the Lord. Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62). If we look back or we are not continually growing, then we are not moving forward.

There is more to moving forward than simply not looking back. Moving forward is spiritual growth which only occurs if we are serving the Lord and walking in the Spirit. For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God (Romans 8:14). We move forward when we are guided by the Spirit, because in our own will we cannot move forward to fulfill the Lord’s plan for our lives. If our hearts truly desire to be led by the Spirit and we are consciously seeking this, then the Lord will help us to follow the Spirit.

Pressing on toward the goal is a matter of heart. Our hearts are driven to be closer to the Lord and this happens through spiritual growth. Prayer, meditating on the Word, and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters all lead us to be a light for Christ. This is how we grow spiritually and become closer to the Lord. As our hearts change from a worldly to a Godly focus, we become more motivated to be with the Lord. The apostle Paul stated: We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). Paul is expressing a heart that prefers to be with the Lord rather than to remain living in the flesh.

Today focus on pressing on toward the goal, and after this day realize you are one day closer to winning the prize for which God has called you heavenward in Christ Jesus. Live each day seeking to be closer to the Lord and becoming Christ-like. Being closer to the Lord is the greatest thing we can ever experience, and being in the Lord’s presence in heaven is so great that words cannot express it.

Let’s Pray: Lord thank you for the Spirit who guides me and motivates me to press toward the goal. Increase my motivation to be with you as I get closer to the goal. Thank you for changing my heart to be Christ-like, to be the person that you created me to be. In Jesus name, Amen.