Spreading Hope to the Homeless in Frederick, Maryland

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Alan P. Linton Homeless Shelter Frederick, MD Eternal Walk Ministry

Eternal Walk Ministry is proud to support the men and women at Alan P. Linton Homeless Shelter in our effort to spread God’s love and speak truth to hurting people throughout Frederick County.

Read below to learn more about this ministry and how you can get involved.

What is the Alan P. Linton Homeless Shelter?

The Alan P. Linton Shelter in Frederick, Maryland is an all-weather, emergency homeless shelter for adults in need of a safe and warm place to sleep overnight. As a year-round operation, this shelter is open seven days a week from 6:30pm-7:00am to help struggling adults meet their basic human need.

The shelter provides basic bedding needs, including beds, blankets, and pillows for their guests. It also provides hygiene care to help restore self-confidence and dignity to those staying at the shelter. Shower facilities as well as personal hygiene products are available to those who need them.

As one of the largest year-round shelters in Frederick County, The Alan P. Linton Homeless Shelter serves approximately 80 adults each night and depends on the support of community volunteers and donators to maintain operation. Homeless shelters, such as this one, are a safe haven for individuals who do not have a place to call home in Frederick, Maryland.

What is Eternal Walk Ministry’s Involvement?

Periodically, Eternal Walk Ministry donates and distributes fruit and snacks to the men and women at the Allan P. Linton Homeless Shelter. Snacks typically consist of apples, bottled water, cookies, pizza, or popcorn. During this interaction, we are given the opportunity to share scripture with and pray for the sheltered guests. This basic connection allows us to establish a relationship with homeless community members and introduce people to Jesus Christ who would otherwise not get the opportunity to learn about God.

We also share copies of our small inspirational booklets to help equip and aid people in their eternal walk to heaven. These booklets cover a wide range of biblical topics to speak truth and apply daily scripture reading in everyday life. Eternal Walk Ministry volunteers pass out these booklets as a gift to share God’s love and spread hope to the homeless.

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If you would like to get involved with Eternal Walk Ministry and help support the local homeless shelters in Frederick, Maryland, reach out to us!

Christian Ministry in Frederick, Maryland

Eternal Walk Ministry is a Christ-centered ministry that actively serves in prisons, rescue missions for the addicted, nursing homes, senior homes, and homeless shelters, like Allan P. Linton’s Homeless Shelter. We’re always seeking opportunities to minister to others throughout Frederick County and beyond to build communities and relationships. If you’re looking to partner with Eternal Walk Ministry, contact us today to learn more about our services.