Eternal Walk Ministry Takes to the Streets of Frederick, Maryland

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Eternal Walk Ministry is now bringing the good news of Jesus Christ directly to the doorsteps of residents living in Frederick, Maryland. This month, we established our Door-to-Door Ministry, where we venture out into the surrounding neighborhoods to share the mission of Eternal Walk Ministry. Keep on reading to learn more about this ministry.

Eternal Walk Ministry: Door-to-Door Ministry in Frederick, Maryland

What Is Door-to-Door Ministry?

The goal of our Door-to-Door Ministry is to venture out into all neighborhoods within and around Frederick, Maryland, knock on each door, and inform residents about Eternal Walk Ministry and our mission. We hand out brochures about Eternal Walk Ministry’s website and letters highlighting the purpose of the ministry.

We also share how residents can take advantage of Eternal Walk Ministry’s Online Daily Messages. We then explain how reading these messages in the morning can help set the tone for the rest of the day. Our messages help foster positivity, hope, and faith to support residents through daily struggles. As the Bible tells us in Ephesians 6:10-18, we are to put on the “Armor of God” each day, so we can stand firm in His word. Our daily messages are how residents can prepare for the daily battles that lie ahead. These messages provide daily encouragement and spiritual growth for residents to stand firm in their eternal walk with Christ through the negativity present in news channels, social media, and other platforms.

Our Approach

We nurture a friendly, easy-going, and caring atmosphere where we genuinely seek to help our neighbors learn more about Jesus Christ (if they wish to) and how they can get involved in community service ministries throughout Frederick, Maryland. We inform residents that we do not come to ask for anything, nor to preach to them, but rather to introduce the mission of Eternal Walk Ministry and how we are ministering to those less fortunate through community service.

If residents are not interested in speaking with us, we kindly thank them for their time, wish them a wonderful day, and leave. We never try to force our agenda and we always respect the resident’s wishes. Our conservations are to the length of the resident’s desire. We don’t question them about their beliefs, their church, or their lifestyles. Instead, we politely share with them how Eternal Walk Ministry is making a difference.

The Results

Our short experience with Door-to-Door Ministry has yielded welcoming results. Residents are kind, especially since we do not solicit nor preach. Typically, the conversations are topical and last just a few minutes. However, we occasionally have some residents who spark a deeper conversation to learn more about Eternal Walk Ministry.

Since the commencement of this Door-to-Door ministry six weeks ago, we have visited more than 300 homes in Frederick, Maryland. We typically visit homes on late Saturday mornings for two hours. We have run into some challenges. Due to the summer season, many families are not home and are out on vacation. Overall, we are thrilled with the results thus far and are proud to bring the message of Jesus Christ out of churches and into the communities in which we live.

What’s Next? Street Ministry in Frederick, Maryland

Further down the road, we plan to follow this initiative with a Street Ministry, where we will set up tables at local events, and possibly in Baker Park located near downtown Frederick, Maryland. We’ll share good food, hand out scriptural resources, and engage passersby in Christ-centered conversations.

If you’d like to learn more about this ministry or one of our other ministries, contact us today! We’re always seeking more volunteers with a passion for Christ and a servant’s heart to extend a helping hand to residents in the Frederick, Maryland, community and beyond.